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Anxiety is a serious issue facing many youth and teens in America.  I recently participated in several television specials which focused on how anxiety affects young people today.  Anxiety comes in many forms and affects people differently.  I was diagnosed with anxiety.  When I was 2 years old I didn’t speak to anyone in my daycare for 6 months.  I felt like I was suffering in silence. Since then my family has tried to find ways to help me overcome my anxiety.  For me, being a performer helped me to overcome my anxiety.  Singing and acting are my forms of artistic creativity and when I am performing my anxiety disappears.  Studies have shown that art therapy is an effective way to help with anxiety. Art helps people who suffer from anxiety help themselves.  Kids who have anxiety should understand that they have options and things they can do to help themselves.  Kids can use art to help themselves, so they don’t suffer in silence anymore. My goal is to bring attention to the anxiety issue affecting youth and teens and to give them information about how to help themselves. 

When Princess Anna from Broadway’s Frozen talked about how she missed a performance based on a massive anxiety attack I was inspired by her open honesty.  She gave a voice to people who suffer in silence.  She made it possible for people to speak out and be part of the solution.  I am determined to be one of those people who are part of the solution and demonstrate to the world the positive impact that this organization can have.  I want to inspire others who are facing anxiety to use the Arts to help the overcome their Anxiety.  I want kids who suffer from anxiety understand that it doesn’t have to define who they are or limit their opportunities.

As I start my campaign to help people who suffer from anxiety, I will use my voice and my connections to bring attention to the issue and bring information to those who need it by creating art.  I want kids who suffer from anxiety to feel like it’s okay to be themselves.  I want the benefits of the Arts in helping to combat anxiety to be clear from the work that I do to help bring attention to the issue.  The silence is deafening.  Arts for Anxiety will help break the silence and give everyone a voice.    

Young Ballet Dancer
This Charity is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit   EIN: 85-2920293
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